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Using the Reusable Face Pads from the Logo Printed Travel Bag

Since putting together the Logo Printed Travel Bags, I've been really looking forward to taking my make-up off and incorporating the reusable face pads in to my skincare routine. I wanted to share a little video with step-by-step instructions just so you can see how quick and easy they are to use.



How to Use Reusable Face Pads - Step-by-Step:

Step 1- Put up your hair! I forgot to do this when I filmed the video but a bit of editing and we're good to go! Then apply cleanser to the pad or directly on to your face. I use a thicker cleanser that can be applied straight on to the face but if you use micellar water then this can be put on to the pad.

Step 2- If you have applied your cleanser directly to your face then soak the pad with water. Wipe the pad over the face and eye area, not forgetting the neck, to remove make-up. Work in to areas where you're likely to get build-up, i.e around the nose. The pads have a towelled texture so are good for light exfoliation.

(Tip-Rinse the pads straight after each use to prevent product build-up and keep them clean between washes)

Step 3- Once you are happy all your make-up has been removed (you may want to rinse the pads and re-apply your cleanser to get rid of any excess make-up) you can use the other pad to apply toner.

Step 4- Pour some toner on to the pad and wipe the pad over the face and neck to remove any excess oil. If you don't use a toner, you can just soak the pad in cold water to close your pores and leave you feeling all refreshed.

Step 5- You don't need the pads for this step but, don't forget to MOISTURISE. Once that's done, you're ready to go!


Just incase you were wondering what else comes in the Travel Bags..

As well as the two reusable face pads featured in the video, the travel bags contain the following pieces to help you cut down on single-use plastic:

-Bamboo Toothbrush

-30 Bamboo Q-Tips/Earbuds

-Stainless Steel Straw (Rose Gold or Black, you pick!)

-Straw Cleaner

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