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How It Works

All in the name of SLOW FASHION...

As you've probably guessed, Jakelle Studios is all about looking good whilst minimising the negative impact our consumption is having on people and the environment. Every year, brands throw away tonnes of unsold stock and it's such a shame to think about all of that going to landfill! Not to mention the hard graft people put in to making the pieces that go to waste. I am determined not to be a part of this problem so I keep the quantities I have in stock to a minimum to avoid any of the beautiful fabric I have going to waste. 

For this reason, with all clothing items, I tend to work on a made to order basis; once you've ordered your piece it will either be passed to me or one of the lovely local factories I work with, to process. This involves cutting the fabric, sewing it, pressing it and carefully sewing in any labels.

Doing things this way means that it may take 7-10 working days for you to receive your item. Don't worry though, I promise you it is worth the wait!

Love Jade