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-Made Responsibly.


For people - Ethical Practices

I started Jakelle Studios after watching the documentary ‘The True Cost’ and being fully heartbroken by the mistreatment of garment workers within the fashion industry. Watching the documentary led me to more research into the effects that fast fashion in particular, was having on people and the environment. I strongly believe that everyone should be treated right in the workplace and paid fairly for their hard graft and I quickly realised that my contribution to 'fast fashion' just wasn't in alignment with these beliefs.


When you buy from Jakelle Studios, you can be sure that the talented machinist who sewed your piece has been paid above the living wage. As well as wanting the brand to be environmentally conscious, I am aware of the negative effects that non-organic fabric cultivation can also have on people. For this reason, I will only work with organic, recycled or deadstock fabrics.


For the planet - Sustainability

Fast fashion has been contributing to the destruction of our planet for years and The 'Aral' sea, situated between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan is a horrifying example of the damage it can cause. Water diversions for irrigation of nearby cotton farms meant that, over 50 years, what was once the fourth largest lake in the world, has now shrunk to 10% of its original volume. This has not only had a detrimental effect on the ecosystems within the water but also on the communities nearby whose livelihoods heavily relied on the lake.

Not only is non-organic cotton a very water intensive crop, it often requires harsh pesticides to grow and keep up with with the high demand from the fast-fashion industry. These pesticides eventually end up in our soil and water and have been the result of tens of thousands of deaths. In learning of the devastating effects that non-organic fabrics can have on people and the environment, I decided I would devote as much time and energy as it took in to researching and sourcing organic, recycled and deadstock fabrics for each collection.



For you - Transparency

There isn’t much I won’t share about how I run Jakelle Studios and our processes. That’s the great thing about being a small, independent brand, I have full control and visibility on all sourcing and manufacturing. If there is anything that you would like to know more about, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email at I love chatting to others who are just as passionate about fashion that is MADE RESPONSIBLY.